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Here we have assembled some useful links for you. Most of these links are in English.

A great free program that makes and manages flash cards for you:


A vast and continually updated collection of short and exciting talks on every subject, with an emphasis on scientific discoveries, health, and society. Includes transcripts in English and translations into Chinese. All content is free.


One of the oldest and most reliable websites that offers college-level courses on a range of subjects. Download the audio or video and get a new education while commuting. Paid content.


Spanish Program Testimonials

GAIA’s Spanish program has been great for our school. Our K2 and K3 students learned a lot from their experienced teacher, and enrollment in our Spanish-tracked P1 class doubled in a year. I’ve been especially impressed by their ability to make the professional Salamanca International Spanish Program (SISC) fit our school and our students. – Rosaryhill School