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CYL Gaia cert x600

Children 3-6

Dynamic, participatory learning in small groups and tutorial sessions, supported by our range of English language resources. Classes personalized for your child’s personality, initiative level, and ability. An evaluative interview is given before any enrollment.

Cambridge Young Learner’s Exam Prep English:

Best for beginners with some oral English skills and familiarity with the sounds of English. This 10-week class helps to strengthen learner’s reading ability, as well as to achieve an award certificate following a CYL examination. Held on Saturdays!

Students 6-12

American Children’s Classics

Hong Kong’s ONLY language class that focuses on American children’s classics for natural language development. Students read books long favored in America’s best private and public schools, adjusted for their own reading comprehension level. Designed for 6-12 year-olds.


Gaia Advanced English is not a test prep program. However, it is our belief that sometimes the best way to face a problem is to approach it from the side. Dr. Yaro, the lead teacher of Advanced English, scored a 2280 (adjusted from the two-section score of 1520) on the SAT without any test prep.  For this reason, we offer advanced learning based on the understanding and discussion of literature, with an added dimension of vocabulary and grammar attention. If you want to study English in the way that students at good high schools in America study it, this program is the option for you.

Gaia Advanced English is also an option for adults who would like to refresh their English while also enjoying a deeper level of meaning than that offered by newspapers, news programs, or even the Reader’s Digest.

Our classes include:

Business Books, Business Ideas, Better English

Read and discuss selections from the most interesting recent business books, sharpen your business English and expand your mind in a professional environment.


Learn the basics of expository and argumentative writing by practice with real topics from English
literature and culture, the way it’s done in the best high schools and colleges in Britain and the United States!

For all students, Gaia Advanced English offers three options from an experienced educator:

*    Classic British and American Short Stories is a deliberately designed course of key short stories from authors such as Hemingway, Faulkner, James Joyce, D.H. Lawrence, and V.S. Naipaul. In this twenty-session course, students will learn how to appreciate elements of language and literary effects that are almost never addressed in typical test-prep offerings.

*    Classic Novels offers a selection of key Western novels that have been personally edited and condensed by Dr. Yaro. Through such novels as Robinson Crusoe, Emma, and The Portrait of a Lady, students will consider deep philosophical and moral problems: the secret passions of Western thought.

*    Poetry introduces an outwardly intimidating but richly rewarding mode of writing. Through a special selection of important poems, students will gain a sense of what the English language can really do at its most powerful moments.

Spanish Program Testimonials

GAIA’s Spanish program has been great for our school. Our K2 and K3 students learned a lot from their experienced teacher, and enrollment in our Spanish-tracked P1 class doubled in a year. I’ve been especially impressed by their ability to make the professional Salamanca International Spanish Program (SISC) fit our school and our students. – Rosaryhill School